Choose From A Wide Range Of Products

At the Supply Guys, we source a range of products from around South Africa, ensuring competitive rates, discounted prices and nationwide shipping. Our procurement company is focused on helping you to find exactly what you need for any project, be it a DIY project for your home or a large-scale project with many overlapping tasks. Just some of the products we have on offer include:

  • Batteries for sale
  • Power tools
  • Cutting tools
  • Mining tools
  • Paint and accessories
  • Drilling
  • Safety
  • Measuring
  • Outdoor/lifestyle
  • And 20+ more categories!

High-Quality Batteries For Sale

Batteries are needed for many different accessories and tools. At The Supply Guys, we have ensured that we provide all the different batteries you need ranging from car batteries to coin batteries. The different batteries we have for sale include:

Lithium Batteries

These are your normal batteries for sale, such as AA, AAA or 9V batteries, used for portable devices as they are lightweight. These are the most common batteries you'll find as they are long-lasting.

Coin Batteries

Coin or silver oxide batteries are most commonly used in wrist watches and other small devices. These batteries for sale are super lightweight and have an extremely long operating life. They also provide more energy than normal AA batteries but are more expensive for larger applications.

Rechargeable Batteries

We also have a range of rechargeable batteries for sale that come in various sizes. You'll be able to find normal AA or AAA rechargeable batteries or lithium-ion batteries that are used in laptops, cellphones and other portable electronic devices.

Specialty Batteries

As we've already mentioned, we aim to provide you with a wide range of batteries you may need. That includes specialty batteries. The specialty batteries we sell are larger ones ranging from 12V to 44V. These batteries can be used in cars, large equipment like generators or lawnmowers, and power tools. We also sell battery chargers for our large specialty batteries. Other specialty batteries we sell are small hearing aid batteries.

Find Everything You Need

At The Supply Guys, we stock different battery brands, from Energizer, Duracell, Tork Craft, Trade Professional and Panasonic. We also sell battery chargers to charge the rechargeable batteries for sale. Our universal chargers can charge AA, AAA, C, D, AD and 9V batteries.

The Supply Guys offer a range of products for your next project. Browse our website or contact us today to find out more about our batteries for sale as well as our other high-quality products!