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Welcome to the welding supply section of The Supply Guys online store. We strive to be your premier source for top-notch welding accessories online. As a leading provider of high-tech tools and equipment, we're dedicated to partnering with clients to help them excel in their businesses. With a wide array of welding accessories and electrodes available, we empower welders to achieve exceptional results while enhancing productivity and safety.

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Precision Nozzles & Collets

Discover precision and efficiency with our range of welding nozzles and collets. Whether you're looking for a specific bore size or material compatibility, we have you covered. Our 1/16″ A-NMS Nozzle and 10N23 Standard Collet are just a couple of the many options designed to elevate your welding game.

Explore Superior Nozzles and Collets for Precision Welding Performance!

Unleash the Power of Electrodes

Elevate your welding capabilities with our exceptional welding electrodes. From the 1.6MM Ceriated Greytungsten Electrodes to the 2.5MM Cast Iron ENI-CI Electrode, each product is meticulously crafted to ensure superior welding results. With various options available, you'll find the perfect electrode for your specific needs.

Choose Premium Electrodes for Unparalleled Welding Results!

Safety First With Welding Curtains

Prioritise safety in your workspace with our high-quality welding curtains. The 1300X1800MM Amber Hi-Vis PVC Welding Curtain and 1300X2800MM D/Green Reinforced PVC Welding Curtain provide essential protection against sparks and UV radiation, ensuring a secure and productive welding environment.

Stay At The Cutting-Edge Of Welding

Unveil innovation with our cutting-edge CUT 100H and CUT 40H welders. The CUT 100H offers high-performance cutting with 380V power, while the CUT 40H excels with 220V versatility. Engineered for precision and efficiency, these welders ensure seamless metal cutting. Elevate your projects with these advanced welding solutions.

Explore CUT 100H and CUT 40H Welders for Exceptional Cutting Performance!

Professional Welding Regulators and Accessories

Optimise your welding setup with our extensive range of accessories. From Earth Matweld Clamps to Elect Matweld Holders, our accessories are designed for durability and performance. Maintain precision and efficiency with our reliable equipment.

Explore Welding Accessories for Improved Work Efficiency!

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At The Supply Guys, we're not just a supplier – we're your partner in success. Founded by Nicus Steenkamp & Carl Coetzee, our family-owned business is built on values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of reliable equipment in welding, and that's why we're committed to offering you the best.

Our pledge to fast delivery, quality goods, and exceptional service has earned us a sterling reputation in the industry. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, helping them develop effective procurement strategies tailored to their unique requirements.

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Transform your welding experience with premium accessories from The Supply Guys. Trust us to provide the tools that empower you to achieve welding excellence. Experience the difference today!

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