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36-Inch Jorgensen Medium Duty Steel Bar Clamp – (910 mm long)

Pony Clamps - 36 inch Medium Duty Steel Bar Clamp


Jorgensen steel bar clamps are seriously strong. Cast-iron stationary and sliding heads with an orange, powder coated
finish are merged with a high-carbon, rust-resistant steel bar that packs a whopping 80,000 pounds per square inch
of tensile strength. The fast-acting sliding head is acme threaded to accommodate a cold-drawn steel screw with a
large easy-grip handle and swivel pad. And our original multiple-disc-clutch design allows the sliding head to hold
securely at any point along the bar. Available in a wide variety of sizes and clamping forces for light-duty,
medium-duty, and heavy-duty applications.

Protective pads made of thick, durable plastic protect your work. Clamps rest parallel on work surface for ease of
work placement and adjustment. It is a sliding head design: the sliding head is threaded to accommodate the screw
with a large east to grip handle and swivel pad. All adjustments are made in the moveable sliding head, making this
style fast acting, easy to open and close and suitable for close quarters clamping. You can easily move the sliding
head up and down the bar. The 1/2 inch steel screw with our large easy to grip handle and 1-3/16 inch diameter
plated steel swivel can be tightened or loosened to meet your exact pressure needs.

Our 3736 has a 910 mm opening capacity, a 38 mm reach and a 272 kg load limit. The strong, light weight 19.02 mm x 6.35 mm
steel bars are plated to be rust resistant. The Multiple-Disc-Clutch design consist of three hardened plated
steel clutch disc and one spring which allows the sliding head to hold securely at any point along the bar. The iron
castings have an orange baked enamel finish.

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